Celebrating 20 Years of Restoring Hope

20 days of stories highlighting God’s faithfulness.

door of hope ministry 20th years 1999 to 2019
July 1, 2019 marked the 20-year anniversary of the launch
of Door of Hope Ministry, in Columbus, NC. We celebrate God’s awesome faithfulness and thank all those who have joined in the vision of bringing hope to those who needed it!
Enjoy the celebration video stories and testimonies shown below  that were shared over the 20 Days.


Jason Schlabach, Founder/Director of Door of Hope introduces the Celebration of 20 Years. 20 Days of Stories, and a goal to raise $20,000 toward helping Hannah House girls.

Day 1

The vision of Door of Hope Ministry went from blur to clarity and it all began with a seed. Jason Schlabach launches the 20 days of stories with the video for Day One.

Day 2

Jason and Fern share their story of how they began ministering by serving men who were transitioning from prison to a normalized social setting at Fresh Start Training Center.

Day 3

Though Jason and Fern had a vision for a counseling ministry but then it went dormant. When their involvement in prison ministry became a drag and the vision revived.

Day 4

The vision for Door of Hope had been brewing in Jason’s heart and he sought the Lord for confirmation. Jason tells of the unexpected word through a Holmes County, Ohio pastor.

Day 5

Jason tells his story of how he thought he really bombed it when he interviewed for an internship in counseling at IBCC. He also tells where the Door of Hope name came from.

Day 6

Door of Hope Ministry launched in 1999 next door to a tattoo parlor in Columbus, NC. Jason tells of a healing experience and a key approach for bringing change to people’s lives.

Day 7

Jason tells the story of one of his first and almost unbearable office sessions. God used the experience to speak to Jason’s heart and clarify who Jason has been called to serve.

Day 8

In the early years, Jason was faced with a roadblock with a counselee. He left the office in anger. In a fit of anger, he raced home at 80 mph to set things straight with his wife.

Day 9

Jason shares his firsthand story of when a counselee threatened to kill him and his family. Though it was a new experience he had the foundation that enabled him to overcome.

Day 10

Door of Hope Founder Jason and Counselor Joe talk about how Door of Hope was introduced to SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) from a random lady who stopped by off the street.

Day 11

Stefanie had formerly spent time at the Hannah House and received true deliverance. She shares her story of living an upside down life to being a fulfilled wife and mother today.

Day 12

Jason and Fern encountered the enemy in a very blatant appearance on their caller ID from the Door of Hope office to their home. And then the deliverance after taking authority.

Day 13

Nelson and Sara Coblentz tells his story about being able to release and bless Jason and Fern when they left Gospel Express and launched Door of Hope Ministry in 1999.

Day 14

Landon is Jason and Fern’s oldest son. He shares his experience growing up with ‘mini-sessions from Dad’ and his gratefulness for the shaping and teaching over the years.

Day 15

Fern shares her experiences through the years working alongside her husband Jason. She also tells of her experience when she repented from the lie that she ‘can’t measure up’.

Day 16

Door of Hope Counselor Joe Miller, tells how the brain works and the difference of the two sides of the brain. He gives a story of a molestation victim set free by correct thinking.

Day 17

Jason tells of the joy of seeing restoration and healing of those who have faced childhood trauma. Fern also shares her story of growing up feeling she was ‘never good enough’.

Day 18

Jason explains the vision of Hannah House Ministry, a branch of Door of Hope. It is intended to restore hope to young ladies and  to help them connect with Father God.

Day 19

Heather Schlabach is daughter of Door of Hope Founders, Jason and Fern. She talks about what it was like growing up in a ministry family and serving as a former secretary at Door of Hope.

Day 20

Thanks to everyone from Jason and Fern for journeying along down memory lane. A new season is upon us at Door of Hope and this has served as a great launch forward.

The Blooper Reel

jason and fern blopper reel cover shot
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Through the recording process of capturing the 20-Year Anniversary stories we were able to collect a nice selection of juicy bloopers. Enjoy. 🙂