Door of Hope:
Serving Ohio

Offering Christian Counseling and Teachings of Kingdom Concepts in Ohio

Bringing Hope to Ohio

Jason Schlabach, Founder and Director of Door of Hope Ministry in Columbus, North Carolina was born and raised in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

Door of Hope Ministry offers Christian counseling to individuals, marriage counseling, and teaching of kingdom concepts to the larger Holmes County, Ohio area, including Sugarcreek, Mansfield and Berlin, Ohio.

Jason and Fern's Back Story

Jason and Fern Schlabach served a Christian counseling internship with ICBC (International Center for Biblical Counseling) of Carmel, Indiana, now Deeper Walk International and also a ministry stint with Fresh Start Training Center of Washington, Indiana. Then they moved to Columbus, North Carolina and joined up with Nelson and Sara Coblentz and Gospel Express Evangelistic Team.

Nelson was also raised in Ohio and Jason and Nelson had teamed up when Gospel Express conducted tent crusades in the Holmes County and Berlin, Ohio region. Through this experience, Jason was exposed to Christian counseling for individuals and marriages and saw a need for it.

The work of Gospel Express in North Carolina was prison ministry and community evangelistic crusades. Jason was fulfilled in his work but his personal vision for a Christian counseling ministry wouldn’t go away. On July 1, 1999 Door of Hope was formed in Columbus, North Carolina.

Who is Door of Hope Today?

Door of Hope has celebrated 20 years of God’s faithfulness and many lives have been changed and have experienced restoration of hope, freedom and healing.

Today, there are Three Pillars of Ministry within Door of Hope:
1. HANNAH HOUSE: Restoring hope and freedom to women longing for a better life.
2. CHRISTIAN COUNSELING: Helping people (individuals and married couples) find freedom and healing from lies and spiritual bondages.
3. KINGDOM AWAKENING: Restoring a sense of identity, purpose, and potential to every individual. (This is done through preaching and community conferences and events teaching kingdom concepts and helping individuals discover the pearl that is being formed within.)

Kingdom Awakening Events include:
1. Kingdom Inheritance Conference
2. Kingdom Awakening Conference

Jason and Fern are available as doors open to travel domestically and internationally as opportunities present themselves and as funds are made available.

Jason is also available for preaching in churches, Bible study groups, and conferences in Ohio and surrounding areas.

Topics available:
1. Understanding the Concept of a Kingdom
2. Kingdom versus Religion
3. The Kingdom Concept of Kings
4. The Kingdom Concept of Lords
5. The Kingdom Concept of Law
6. The Kingdom Concept of Citizenship
7. The Kingdom Concept of Giving
8. The Kingdom Concept of Laws
9. The Kingdom Concept of Expansion: What’s Trapped Inside You?
10. The Most Important Person in the Earth
11. Wrapping it Up: Merry Christmas
12. Receiving Your Inheritance
13. Discover Your Identity

Door of Hope’s purpose is to see individuals and marriages experience the fullness and connectedness with the heavenly Father. This is accomplished by being released from spiritual and emotional bondages and lies that hinder people from walking in their inheritance. (3 John 2.)

Serving Ohio's Amish Country

jason and fern schlabach portrait

Jason and Fern Schlabach

"It is imperative that when life happens and we feel a negative emotion stir up, that we choose to act on the truth and not on what our rational and logical mind may tell us."

Door of Hope Founder, Jason Schlabach


If you would like to schedule a time to meet with one of our counselors, please call our Main Office (North Carolina) at 828-859-0126.

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