Hannah House Ministry:
North Carolina

Restoring hope and freedom to young women longing for a better life

A Place of Security and Rest

One-On-One Shepherding

Hannah House is a place of security and rest. A place to experience shepherding. A place to be valued and loved. A place of quiet and peace. A place of healing. A place of hope.

Vision: To provide a place of rest and safety for girls/ladies who have been wounded, abused, and broken. To provide a place to receive acceptance, mentoring, and counsel. To give hope, restore freedom, and impart God’s healing to the gentle hearts of His daughters who have been wounded.

House of Hannah Twin cabins
Hannah House, North Carolina

Testimonies from Lives Changed at Hannah House

I dealt with depression and lack of focus in school, church, and conversations. Now I know that God loves me. I am amazed at what God has done in my life.

I came as a very frustrated girl. Deep down I wanted something more. I began to realize my identity as a daughter of God; that Christ doesn’t want to be added to my life but that He totally wants to be my life. It is so amazing.

It seemed too easy that a prayer to renounce lies and receive truth would result in a complete change of life. I truly felt God loved me. I no longer felt the need to find my value in pleasing people. The voices were totally gone. For the first time, I dared to dream. His truth has set me free.

What is Hannah House?

The Hannah House is a short-term home for adult women who need to find emotional and spiritual healing. It is a place of rest  and safety while working through the healing process.

Where does it take place?

We’re located in a serene and secluded setting in the Smoky Mountain foothills of Columbus, North Carolina, surrounded by God’s creation: animals, grasslands, trees, streams and nature.

The housing arrangement is a cluster of small cabins in a community style setting with houseparents living in one of the cabins.

What is our goal?

 To provide a place of rest and safety for girls who have been wounded, abused, and broken. To give acceptance, mentoring, and counsel to each individual during their stay at the Hannah House. Our purpose is to give hope, restore freedom, and impart God’s healing to the gentle hearts of His daughters who have been wounded.

Who is it for?

Our ministry is to women and ladies who have experienced trauma and/or abuse and are in need of a place to go to find rest and healing. The Hannah House is open to young women who are in need of a place to find healing, love, acceptance, worth, and purpose.

What can one expect?

While staying at the Hannah House, each lady will be provided with prayer ministry to find healing. She will also receive guidance and encouragement from a mentor who lives on site.

The length of stay may vary, based on the individual. Some may need two weeks, others will need longer. Our passion is for each heart to find complete and total healing, found only through Jesus Christ.

How do I make arrangements?

Call our office to ask questions and request an
application to schedule a time of rest and healing at the Hannah House.

Phone: 828-859-0126

Office Address

1710 Lynn Road
Columbus, NC 28722


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