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Jason thought he had an understanding of what it takes to live the Christian life. However, a brand new look at the ‘kingdom of God’ and ‘kingdom of heaven’ teachings of Jesus have revolutionized Jason’s entire life and ministry.

See the videos below for more info on Jason’s journey and the foundational teachings of Kingdom Awakening Ministry.

Jason's Journey

Jason Schlabach, Founder and Director of Door of Hope shares his own story of how the Lord got his attention regarding the teachings of the kingdom. It came through the teachings of his co-pastor that the ‘kingdom of heaven’ and ‘kingdom of God’ teachings came into focus. It has entirely transformed Jason’s life and ministry.

I Welcomed Abundance

After Jason realized that he was created for the earth and to have dominion in the earth (the original plan of God), everything changed for him. He could then rest and be at peace and relax in God’s identity and who He said He is. This gave Jason freedom to be at peace to be who he is called to be. And it all traced back to understanding the kingdom.

What's Your Purpose?

Jason used to have the mindset that he is living on the earth and tolerating the earthly experience, simply waiting to go to heaven. Then he discovered the operation of the kingdom and it was revealed that he wasn’t even created for heaven, he was created for the earth. We are called to have dominion and reign in the earth. It changed everything.

Three Keys to Success

There are three keys to be able to move forward in our lives and be successful. God demonstrates these three keys in the life of Abram in Genesis 12 when he asked him to leave the land of his birth. Abram’s natural question would likely have been, ‘Where should I go?’, but there is no mention of Abram’s question. Abram took the keys and succeeded.

Jason and Fern are wanting to expand the conference ministry in churches or communities as God grants opportunities and opens doors.

The Kingdom teachings and resources are designed to call sons and daughters into thinking and living like kingdom citizens.

When people have this understanding of identity and authority it releases them to pursue their destinies and become world changers. These world changers are equipped to bring the Kingdom of God to their communities and places of influence.