The Effects of Human Trafficking

I am so, so sorry for those of you that go through panic attacks from horrendous evils that were forced on you when you were young kids. So young that your brains could not handle the trauma. So much so that a God-given coping mechanism kicks in which made you watch the unspeakable things done to you from outside your body.

Now years later, you re-live those horrible, traumatic memories…..your body feeling the excruciating pain……while we help them bring JESUS, the cross and JESUS’ blood into those memories and trauma…until peace comes in those memories for good.
My heart aches and aches and aches for you that are suffering tonight. It was not your fault. You did nothing to deserve these evils.
I am so, so sorry for what those evil people did to you. JESUS, let healing and freedom ring into the deepest parts that you hurt
These survivors draw crosses on their wrists to keep from cutting through the crosses on their wrists….taking their own lives. Before you judge them, try walking one mile with them.
This is war. Will you be one of those that:
1. Stays with them
2. Holds their hands
3. Tells them they’re not going to die
4. Tells them they’re going to be OK
5. Reads the Psalms to them
6. Holds them
7. Pats them on their back
8. And coaches them through by the power of the Holy Spirit?
Will you stand with us as we fight for their victorious future? Will you pray for their and our protection as we expand into this white field ready for harvest? Many, many more need rescued. We can do this one at a time.