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GOOD NEWS on the 169-Acre Expansion Project

1. We have six building sites that have been approved by an engineer.

2. Based on the soil test by the soil scientist, we have excellent soil for all the septics we’ll need! This is HUGE! 
3. The Door of Hope Ministry board of directors is excited about this expansion and is “all in” on the plan.
4.  PRAY with us about the $1,000,000 total needed YET to buy the land. In the Kingdom, there never is a lack of the resources to do the King’s work. We are only managers of the King’s Kingdom (domain). We are excited to see how this is going to work out! Pray and do what Father God puts on your heart. 
DOH is looking to move the Administration Offices, Counseling Offices, and Hannah House onto the same property and build a Conference Center and provide a Safe House for those trapped in human trafficking.
This is all a big vision and dream but begins with buying the land (169 acres with mountain views). Land is located close to the well-known local landmark, the Tryon International Equestrian Center.
Donations are 100% tax-deductible.
If you need a tax-deductible charitable contribution on your books, Door of Hope Ministry is the boots on the ground making a difference in the lives of so many invisibles among us:
Dave Stoltzfus is heading up the project and you are welcome to ask him any questions you might have or reach out to Jason Schlabach at the Door of Hope office 828-859-0126.

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